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Tubal Reversal Questions and Answers

Q: Am I a candidate for tubal reversal?

A: This is the question we get asked most often. There are several factors that will determine your candidacy and/or success rate for this procedure. Every individual’s case is different, so we’ll visit with you and give you an honest, professional opinion about what to expect. Not all women who’ve had a tubal ligation will be candidates for reversal. Depending on how your original tubal ligation was performed, there may or may not be enough tube to reconnect. These are all things we discuss with you and evaluate before moving forward.

Q: Why should I choose Arkansas Fertility & Gynecology?

A: Dr. Moutos & Dr. Batres are pioneers in the field of assisted reproduction in the state of Arkansas. Over the past 30 years, these dedicated fertility specialists have been responsible for almost all of the babies conceived through assisted reproductive technology in this state.

We understand the personal nature of what we do, and address each patient’s individual needs while providing the finest care available. Every patient’s journey is different, and we take pride in being there each step of the way.

Q: How much does a tubal reversal cost?

A: For select patients without insurance coverage, we offer outpatient tubal reversal for a fixed price of $6800. This includes the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fee and the surgery center fee. There are certain criteria that must be met in order to qualify for this outpatient procedure.

After evaluating you and your partner, the fertility surgeons at Arkansas Fertility & Gynecology will determine if you are a suitable candidate for this fixed priced outpatient procedure. Prior to performing the tubal reversal, some basic female and male fertility testing is done to make sure both partners are fertile. This testing is not included in the above price.

Q: How much is the initial New Patient Visit?

A: $250 is due at the time of your new patient visit in order to be seen by the doctor.

Q: What are the extra costs for testing?

Your Physician will discuss with you which tests are recommended prior to surgery. Not all tests may be required.

  • semen analysis: $100
  • ovarian reserve testing with lab: $285
  • evaluation of uterus & ovaries with ultrasound: $300
  • confirmation of ovulation lab: $95

A: Not every case requires an HSG, but in the event you have had a more extensive tubal ligation procedure with more tissue removed from the tube than we generally see, you will require an HSG procedure at a local hospital (Baptist or St. Vincent). This dye test is performed in radiology by Drs. Moutos & Batres to get an X-ray view of the amount of tissue connected to the uterus that remains for the reversal.

This test is rather expensive due to the radiology MD reading the film, plus the hospital fee for using the equipment. A good estimate for an HSG is $1500. You would pay the clinic $330-$430 on the day of the procedure, and expect to pay the rest to the hospital at check in.

Q: Are tubal reversals covered by insurance?

A: 99% of insurances will not pay for any of the cost associated with a New Patient consultation, pre-surgery testing, or the surgical procedure to reverse a tubal ligation. If you think your policy covers this procedure, we will need that in writing from the insurance company before we will file any insurance claims for reimbursement.

Q: Why do I have to get a semen analysis on my husband?

A: We realize that the large majority of tubal reversal couples have already had children, and often times you or your spouse don't see the need for an analysis. However, things can change in male reproduction over time, including a dropped sperm count. If the sperm count or motility is too low, you and your partner will not be able to produce a pregnancy by normal intercourse. If that were the case, your best option for conception would be In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) which essentially bypasses the tubes, so a tubal reversal becomes altogether unnecessary. This is why we strongly recommend a semen analysis.

If you opt NOT to do the analysis BEFORE your tubal reversal, only to find out later that the sperm count is too low, you've spent unnecessary time and money for a procedure that won't necessarily yield the results you had hoped to achieve, which can be devastating. You can avoid this issue on the front end by confirming the sperm is normal before you have surgery scheduled. The semen analysis test is only $100, and saves a huge amount of heartache post surgery!

Q: Do you offer a payment plan?

A: For several reasons, we do not offer payment plans. The cost for tubal reversal is based on a flat rate negotiated with the surgery center, the OR staff & anesthesia provider. All payments are required before the day of pre-op. The surgery center and AFG both require a non-refundable deposit in order to schedule your procedure and reserve the operating room.