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Donor Insemination

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Couples with severe male factor infertility are candidates for the use of sperm from anonymous donors. Sperm donors undergo extensive genetic and medical screening. They are also screened for sexually transmitted diseases. The sperm samples are frozen and quarantined for 6 months and the donor is retested for sexually transmitted diseases. If he still tests negative, the sperm that was frozen 6 months prior is released for use. No case of infectious disease transmission has been reported with the use of donor sperm screened in this manner.

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The insemination is a simple procedure that is performed in the office. We use sperm from several reputable commercial sperm banks. We exclusively use sperm that has been prepared for intra-uterine insemination (IUI ready sperm). After the sperm is thawed, it is loaded in a small plastic catheter, which is inserted into the woman’s uterus. This is usually a painless procedure, although mild uterine cramping occasionally occurs.

There are no restrictions after the insemination and the woman may immediately return to her usual activities. Pregnancy does not always occur with the 1st insemination and several cycles of inseminations may be required to produce a pregnancy. Female factors, especially the age of the woman, can affect the chance for success.

State laws may differ with respect to how they view offspring conceived with the use of donor insemination. In Arkansas, after written consent of a husband and a wife is obtained for performing donor insemination, any resulting offspring are the legal children of the couple with the same rights and responsibilities given to biologic children.

Prior to starting donor inseminations, an office consultation with one of our physicians is required. Some testing of the female partner may be recommended prior to starting the inseminations. We encourage you to visit the websites of the sperm banks we use. Extensive donor profiles are available for your review. Once you have had your initial evaluation with the physician and signed the appropriate consents, you may order the sperm sample and have it shipped to our office. We will store the specimen in our lab until you are ready to use it.