Procedure Description

The purpose of this procedure is to evaluate your uterine cavity. A small catheter is inserted into the uterus and sterile saline is slowly injected. Transvaginal ultrasound is performed as the saline is injected. Although this procedure is highly accurate in detecting abnormalities of the uterine cavity, it does not allow us to determine whether or not the fallopian tubes are open.

What to Expect

The procedure is performed in our office. You should take 400-600mg of ibuprofen 1 hour prior to the procedure. No other anesthesia is required. You can expect to have some uterine cramping as the saline is injected into your uterus. The cramping is usually mild and only lasts for a few minutes.


The procedure is performed in the first half of your cycle, after your period has ended, but before ovulation. You do not need to have an empty stomach prior to this procedure and you do not need a full bladder.


You may return to work/home without restrictions. You should be able to drive yourself back to work/home after this procedure. Light vaginal bleeding the evening of the procedure is common. If you develop fever, chills, or heavy vaginal bleeding, you should notify your physician.